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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Used Bike Update, incl. Specialized Transition Feature

Right around this time of year is when we start getting triathlon bike inquires. Generally speaking triathletes like to plan ahead and they're usually plotting their competitive season while the snow is still on the ground (not that there's much of that this year), so we figured it was a good time to feature this great used bike deal.

The Specialized Transition pictured above is a great place to start if you're a tri newbie.  It has more of a road bike geometry that is easily adaptable to a tri position with a few simple tweaks, like adding a forward positioned seat post in place of the one that comes stock on the bike.  Why not just buy a bike with pure tri geometry right away?  Because a tri bike isn't allowed in road races, so if you have any thought of doing both this bike will be a lot more versatile.

It does come with tri-esque aero downtubing, low spoke count, moderately arrow rimmed wheels, and good quality profile aero clip on bars (which can easily come off if you decide to try out the aforementioned road race), so it's kind of a jack of all, or at least two, trades.  It's built up with quality Shimano 105 bits and a carbon fork.

The other thing that makes it obviously attractive to the newbie is the price.  No one has ever claimed that competing in triathlons is cheap, but at just $850 (!) this is just about the lowest price you'll find for a multisport bike.  Yes it's used, but barely.  It is in pristine condition.  It hit the road maybe 5 times before the owner decided he wanted to stick with mountain biking and then it came straight back to us.  Hey, triathlon isn't for everyone, but if it's for you this is possibly the best deal you'll come across to get you started.

Below is a list of the other used bikes currently in stock at the time of this posting.  For more info feel free to call us at 888.4586 or come down to the shop anytime. As always, used bikes are one-off deals and once they're gone, they're gone.

Trek 9.9. $1500
Giant Cadex mtn bike, $400
Cannondale Quick 3, $800
Redline D660, $2000
Giant Sedona, $275
Specialized Transition, $950
Focus Black Raider, $2000
Oryx kids bike, $110
Norco kids bike, $95
Trek Carbon EX, $2800
Giant Two to One, $599
Raleigh 3 speed, $150
√Član 3 speed, $150
Niner EMD, $1200
Niner Air 9, $2800
Giant ATX, $350