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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arrowhead Info

We'll be posting Arrowhead 135 info for the next couple of days as a significant Winnipeg continent tackles the gruelling winter biking (and skiing and running) event.  If you missed yesterday's post here's the link to Lindsay Gauld's last account of participating in the event.

In anticipation of the start tomorrow you can check out the route map here, provided by the Arrowhead folks.

Below is a brief video that brings you a competitor's POV (or as much of one as can be obtained looking thru your computer screen in the warm of your home or the local Starbucks), courtesy of the Arrowhead site.  To check out the total wealth of info provided on the Arrowhead site click here.

And remember: Starting early tomorrow morning you should be able to track Lindsay's progress via his SPOT device by tuning in to this site.  Hal's support crew is also blogging about the event over on the Olympia Cycling Club site so be sure to also click on the OCC link near the upper right hand column of this page.

Good luck to Lindsay, Al, Dallas, Hal, Ian, their support crews, and everyone else competing.