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Friday, January 27, 2012

Arrowhead 135 is almost upon "us" - updated

Update: Beginning Monday morning we'll try to embed Lindsay's tracking info so you can follow him as he embarks on this year's Arrowhead adventure.  We'll also post updates as they become available.  

Also, click on the OCC link near the top right column on this page to check out updates from one of the support crew - we're hopeful to see blog update and pics as the race progresses.  

And lastly also, you can catch up on exactly what the Arrowhead experience is by reading Lindsay's report from last year, here.    

You can look further below for a link directly to the Arrowhead site, or what the heck, just click here).

Well, the title is a bit misleading because "us" is certainly not referring to the guy typing this, though I'll be cheering the participants on in spirit, and so can you....just surf over to the Arrowhead site here.

What the heck is the Arrowhead 135 you ask?  It's a similar but slightly dumber idea than Actif Epica.  We kid. Check out their site for all the answers - your reaction will either be "cool", or "how stupid", or some combination of both.  Regardless, we wish the best of luck to Al Dixon, Dallas Sigurder, Hal Loewen, Ian Hall, and Lindsay Gauld who are all affiliated with the shop and will surely represent us well, and to everyone else from Manitoba, Canada, and beyond for being up to the challenge!

Racing starts Monday morning, and ends many, many hours after that.