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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Review: Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners

We like simple things, and Mr. Tuffy tire liner tube protectors must be one of the simplest, but very effective bike inventions ever.

Not much to say here really - simply stick the polyurethane tire liner strips between your tire and tube and then ride over glass and tacks to your heart's content. Well, not really, but it is amazing how well these little liners protect your tube from punctures.

Events: Bike to Work Day this Friday, June 25

This email just came into us from Erick Dickson, and it's definitely worth posting here to get the word out:

If you haven't registered yet for the 3rd Annual Bike to Work Day Winnipeg,
then please register now!

Events: MCA Calendar

Just a reminder that there are plenty of mountain bike races on the official MCA calendar found here.

You can pick from relatively short weekday events to longer, more technical Cup races to 24 Hour epic rides. Most, if not all, races are put on by local volunteer coordinators who simply hope to break even after the bills are paid while still putting on quality events that are fun for all.

Support the local cycling community and have fun testing yourself against the elements and/or others by showing up to a race this summer.

Specials: '09 Masi Soulville S.S.

We have one of these Masi Soulville S.S.'s left (in a 20" size) and we're selling the regularly priced $750 bike at a deeply discounted $580.

We love the way this bike rides. The steel frame and fork feel great on our potted roads (well, as good as any bike can feel anyway), the slightly relaxed geometry feels, well, slightly relaxed without sacrificing too much agility, and the mildly swept back flat bars are a perfect match to the rest of the set up.

We make no secret of being single speed fans and this is another example of single speeding done right. The stock flip-flop rear hub allows you to ride with a free wheel on one side and a fixie on the other. The tire choice is perfect for an all round commuter - wide enough to allow some cushion and provide some traction on unpaved surfaces but still pretty efficient on the road.

Finally, we love the aesthetics. The curved top tube / seat stays are gorgeous, the cork grips are a really nice touch, and the colour choices are perfect. Just one left though, so act fast if it's the right size and you're in the market for a commuter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Product Review: Finish Line Teflon Grease

If you like to do your own bike maintainance and you want to keep your bike in top shape then from time to time you'll need to repack your wheel, hub, and headset bearings (unless they're sealed units), and to do that right you need some quality bike-specific grease like Finish Line's Teflon Grease.

This grease wears very well and does an excellent job of preventing corrosion and distortion of you bearings, even in the worst wet-weather and winter conditions. It's also extremely slick and greatly aids the performance of your bike's moving parts. At just $12 for a tube that will last you a while it's well worth the price. If you've got a rainy day with nothing to do maybe it's time for a bit of a bike overhaul - don't forget to pick up your Finish Line Teflon Grease before you start taking things apart.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Specials: Cannondale Six 6

It's officially the time of year when our customers get inspired to really put in the miles on their road bikes - we think that has at least something to do with the Tour de France approaching. Regardless, road bike riding leads to new road bike purchasing, so today we're featuring a road bike with an excellent pedigree that won't break the bank.

The Cannondale Six 6 (yes, the name is confusing - there's also a Six 5 and a Six 3) has a monocoque carbon front triangle and superbly crafted seat stays that provide a relatively plush but laterally stiff ride mated with Shimano's very reliable Tiagra group, their entry level racing components.

The bike retails for a very reasonable $1600 but it's on sale for even less, at just $1360. No, it's not the same Cannondale they'll be riding in the Tour, but it's a fraction of the price and still probably 80% of the performance - not a bad trade off in our opinion.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Product Review: Finish Line Fiber Grip

Do you have trouble with carbon fiber components slipping? You're not the only one. Carbon fiber components are inherently smooth and stiff and are difficult to tighten sufficiently without the risk of crushing the fibers and seriously compromising structural integrity (especially when dealing with components like the stem or seat post clamps).

Fortunately there's a very simple and inexpensive solution: Finish Line Fiber grip can be applied to carbon components to add that bit of friction that's required to prevent slipping without over-tightening, all without corroding or otherwise damaging your expensive carbon bits. It's $12 well spent and we've got plenty in stock.

Used: Update on used stuff

The following used bikes are in store at the time of this posting. Please call or visit in person for size and component details. Also note that in some cases the bikes have been customized and may come with different components than when they were originally purchased.

Cannonsale Super Six, $6500
Cannondale Taurine, $4000
Cannondale Team Scalpel, $3500
Trek Portland, $1100
Rocky Mountain ETSX-50, $2400
Cannondale F300, $375
Devinci Chicane, $500
Trek 5200, $2200
Bianchi Lewis S.S., $800
Norco Nomad, $125
Trek MT240, $250
Steelwool S.S., $550
Klein Attitude Race, $1700
Cannondale F3, $1300
Devinci Apex, $700

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video: Canada by Bicycle, part 6

Time for the sixth in a weekly series we're posting from local bike enthusiast Steve Langston as he chronicles his ride across Canada. We've just passed thru Quebec and are moving on to what is obviously the party capital of Canada, New Brunswick.

Steve's excellent guide to riding across the country can be found here, or visit the shop to purchase his book.

Bike Feature: Trek Cruiser Tandem

We've featured this product here once before but we have another one in stock and figured it's worth featuring again: The Trek Tandem Cruiser.

If you're looking to experiene the joys of tandem riding with your partner or friend this is the machine that allows you to do it in casual style at a very reasonable price. For just $850 (a bargain basement price in the tandem world) this bike can be yours, less the Pooh Bear.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video: Simple bike repairs and adjustments

Sheesh, it just won't stop raining. That's not to say we can't still get out and ride, but if we're honest most of us prefer those nice sunny days to the wet ones. If you're getting a bit less riding in these days here's a link to some instructional bike repair videos that you can view while you're warming up, putting on a dry pair of sock, and getting reading to head back out there.

We found the video series while wasting some time online. They're not exactly high production value and many are very basic, but we're sure that for some of our customers they'll be quite helpful. We change many flat tires a day and forget that for some folks a simple tube change is a daunting new task (everyone's got to do it for the 1st time once, right?) so here's a video featuring a trail side flat tire repair.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Product Review: Grand Kargo bag

If you're thinking of commuting to work or school by bike, or if you just want to use your bike for errand runs and other general purpose activities, there's nothing better than having a good set of pannier bags to help carry your load. Most bikes easily accommodate a rear rack (and we have plenty of them in stock) and that's usually all that's required to fit a set of pannier bags.

We have a wide selection of bags in stock, all with their own unique features and in a variety of sizes. One of our new favourites is the Grand Kargo made by Arkel. It's large capacity, feels very durable, has all the right little extra pockets, and is made from 100% recycled polyethylene, all for $127, which is a pretty good price for a brand that has always been considered top tier.

To truly know what's best for you though you need to come down and check out our stock, because every bag we carry is a little different from the others.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bike Feature: Built Niner S.I.R.

Are you looking to build up a beautiful steel 29er single speed, but don't know where to start? Well we've done all the work for you!...come check out this Niner S.I.R. that we've built up with some choice parts. If it's not to your liking we can switch parts out as you see fit.

The bike as pictured is $1900.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Product Review: Enervitene Cheer Packs

Made with two different types of sugar, Enervitene Cheer Packs give you an instant energy boost and also slowly provide additional energy to your body, making it ideal to take mid-exercise.

We think the flavours are great, we love the easy to open packaging especially when we're in the middle of a ride or ski, and the fluid formulation goes down easily, even in the middle of that epic adventure when you don't feel like eating but know you should.

We have decent stock of the Cheer Packs in the shop right now, so stock up before your next big outing.