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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Product Review: Giant Runner

Cool! we've seen these around for the last few years but finally one of our major bike makers is manufacturing a pre-pedal bike for really little tykes!...introducing the Giant Runner. Or at least it's called a Runner in our ordering materials (and the name makes sense). On the manufacturer's website it seems to be called a "Pre". Also makes sense.

Whatever the name, this little thing allows little kids to feel like big kids, and allows them to practice balance and steering on a two wheeled machine before graduating to a pedal bike.

Stand over clearance on these things is ridiculously low (with an adjustable seat height of course) and the fit and finish is as nice as on a $2000 Giant, but this one can be yours (or your offspring's) for just $125. Also available in a 'boys' colour.