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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WeeHoo Child Carrier

We've sold the Trail-a-Bike for many years now and it's been a huge success for kids who want to ride at their parents' tempo but can't yet keep up on their own. 

The only shortcoming of the Trail-a-Bike, for some, is that the child must support themselves atop their seat pretty much as they would on their own bike (though they aren't responsible for keeping the bike itself upright). 

The WeeHee overcomes this shortcoming by offering siderails, handles, and a high backrest with shoulder straps. This means that even if your child can't balance on their own they can be strapped in and ride behind you in the open air and pedal along with you at the same time if they wish. 

As an added benefit the WeeHoo also comes with side bags to stash away a lunch, some extra clothes, or whatever. 

The WeeHoo fits easily on just about any bike. For $399.00 you can roll out of the store with one attached to your bike today.