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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A post event report from Lindsay's wife (updated w. pic)

Update: Lindsay is in the hospital in Anchorage where he was kept overnight.

I just got off the phone with Lindsay.  As I suspected, he is suffering from frostbite and it is not "minor frostbite". It is a little more severe. He lives with minor frostbite. 

(What are we talking about? Click on the Events link on the left hand column of this page to view recent posts about Lindsay's adventure).

His nose is black. His cheeks were so swollen his vision was impaired. He had no feeling in his hands and could not get any of his packs open to remove clothing or food from his pack.

So..... common sense prevailed and he withdrew. He is being flown out from Rhon and then on to Anchorage. He has had some medical attention, but will get some more once he is in a larger settlement.

He was disappointed not to be able to continue but realizes it would not be wise.

So, for the time being, he is chatting away with the folks at the checkpoint and waiting for the plane.

To complete the picture, Lindsay can't get his boots on and is in his down booties with stuff sacks over top.

More to come...