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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lindsay still making progress (updated)

Update: Lynne just emailed to say that Lindsay phoned her last night around 11pm from a cabin at Rainy Pass Lodge where he had been since about 3pm resting up for the next leg.  He's well, safe, and in good spirits. 

Don't get to excited - Lindsay doesn't look as fresh in the middle of his epic adventure as this pic might indicate.  It was forwarded to us by his wife, Lynne, but as she points out it was likely taken during the pre-race meal.  None the less Lindsay appears to continue to progress well and at the very least is still a part of the 50% or so of competitors who has not yet scratched.

Actually, his pace has picked up quite a bit.  This may be due literally moving faster on the trails and/or doing a good job of sleep management. Either way, it's beyond impressive that he's still going.

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