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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reba RL 29er Fork

This is one of our favourite higher-end cross country racing suspension forks.  The Reba RL has been around for a while and gets better every year.  It's always been great at taking big hits (as far as cross country riding is concerned anyway - 50 foot drops will require something else) and also dampening those small bumps we encounter on the local single track.This year's improvements include weighing in at 100 grams less than last year - now 1584g for the 29er version pictured above and in stock now.

The RL version has an external rebound adjustment, low speed compression to lock, and air pressure adjustment via dual schrader valves.  The one we have in stock is for a 1 1/8th head tube top and bottom (1 1/8th to 1 1/5 is also available) and a 9mm QR (15mm Maxle is also available).

Obviously the one pictured above is white, but black is also available for order, and if you're still rocking a 26 inch mountain bike all of the specs listed above are available for that dimension as well.

Come into the shop with $670 and we'll cut the steerer tube to size, pound the crown race into place, and get you on your way!