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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phone call from Lindsay

Phone call from Lindsay as reported from his wife Lynne (What the heck are we talking about? Click here to scroll through our recent Events updates to figure it out):

Lindsay called about a half an hour ago (editor's note: approx 9:00pm, Feb 29).  Mr. Technology could not make his sat. phone work or his cell phone, so one of the other racers lent him his........ some things stay the same.

He says it's the hardest thing he has ever done.  The conditions were unbelievable, as we can tell from the pictures.  He's pushed his bike most of the way.  His knee is sore, his hand swollen and instead of tennis elbow, he has "bike" elbow; all from pushing the bike.  His shoulder is sore too.... we all know the stories of that shoulder.

His call was from  Skwenta Roadhouse. He had had a rest, a hot meal, including cinnamon bun, (apparently this was an important refueling ingredient), and was shortly heading off to the next check point which he thought he would get to in 12 hours.  The conditions would be the same, just more pushing his bike through the snow.  He says to tell Dallas he's ready for any 100 mile running race!

His plans are to evaluate how his body is holding up at each check point and then decide if he can go on. He's had to bivy on the trail and all his equipment is working well.  He just wishes he had more Aleve with him!

He praised the many fine volunteers and athletes he had met.