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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fat and Heavy

Lindsay Gauld stopped by the shop yesterday while we were taking pictures of other stuff for our regular posts to this site and we had to chuckle a bit when we caught a glimpse of his bike, and we really had to snap a pic and post it here.

If you frequent this site you'll already know that Lindsay is making final preperations for the Iditirod bike race coming up in less than two weeks. The race can take more than a week to complete and is self-supported in the barren Alaskan arctic wilderness.

Needless to say that means you need to carry a lot of stuff on your bike, including your food, shelter, clothes, and survival gear. Lindsay doesn't want to know how much the bike weighs but it's not unusual for this setup to weigh in at as much as 80 lbs or more. Yikes.

What's more, Lindsay spent some time shortly before this picture was taken repeatedly pushing this bike up Spring Hill as practice for the upcoming race, where he's bound to encounter similar conditions. Hardcore.

Stay tuned for updates on his prep and hopefully some reports from the event itself.