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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nate - Knobby Fat Bike Tire

As fat bikes have figuratively found traction in the local market more tire options are slowly being produced, and the latest rubber iteration from Surly finally finds literal traction!

For the last while the 'standard' fat bike tire set up has arguable been a Larry (or now the Big Fat Larry) up front and an Endomorph in the rear.  This is a great set up for many conditions, especially the intended primary purpose of fat bikes, which is to float over snow, sand, and other soft or uneven surfaces that narrower mountain bike tires struggle with.    They don't however excel when you hit slick or loose uphill or off camber sections - they just don't have enough tread to grip well in those conditions.  That's not a shortcoming per se, it's a purpose built design that isn't perfectly applicable to every condition.

So, what if you find yourself riding your fat bike more like a traditional mountain bike and less as a point and shoot machine for flat patches of snow and sand?  You buy a Nate, that's what.  We recently brought in a few and they have received rave reviews from those we sold them too. Rather than trying to recap what we've been told, and what we've found elsewhere online, below is a link to a great write up by some dude unaffiliated with our shop.  Check it out, and think about picking up a Nate or two for yourself.

Dear Nate, I love you...