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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mountain Hardware Hunker Down Parka

It's getting colder out there (and still has a long way to go) so we're turning our attention to some down parkas, like the Mountain Hardwear Hunker Down Parka pictured here.

With a 650 fill goose down we can attest first hand to the warmth this jacket provides.  We can also attest to the great attention to detail paid to Mountain Hardware's products, such as fleece lined pockets, dual draw cords to keep out the cold, interior zip pockets to safely store your keys, wallet, phone, etc., zip off hood, adjustable fit cuffs, and a chin guard to provide protection from zipper chaffing. 

All in all this jacket makes winter in Winnipeg MUCH more enjoyable, and is $240 very well spent.

Stan's NoTubes 2 oz Tire Sealant

We recently took into stock some convenient 2 oz bottles of Stan's NoTube Tire Sealant.  The description of this sealant as posted on Stan's website is pretty concise, and there's really not much to add except to say that we're selling it for $5 a pop, so we're pasting the official description here:

Just two ounces of Stan's Tire Sealant in a converted standard tire or a tubeless tire can repair up to a 1/4" hole instantly.

Pre-measured and ready to apply to one bicycle tire.

Stan’s Tire Sealant will stay liquid in a mountain bike tire with a thin casing for two to seven months on average. Riding in arid climates or storing the bike in a hot area will require more frequent monitoring of sealant levels. Special anti-freeze agents allow the sealant to be used in environments as cold as -30° F.

Ski Wax is out

Our vast selection of cross country ski wax and related paraphernalia is now on display, ready for purchase and application in anticipation of the season to come.

We have everything to keep you moving in every winter condition, from basic wax for all temperature ranges to more advanced wax that's optimized for the best possible glide and grip from around 0 C to pretty much as low as you can go.

Everything required to clean, prep, and apply is also now on display, so come down to the shop and get ready for the snow today!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Studded Tires

The wait was a bit long but we finally got in some 'average' width 29er studded tires for winter riding.  Until recently the only 29er studded tires we could get our hands on were 35mm width tires really better suited to 'cross bikes.  The tires we have in now, Nokian Extreme 294's, are 2.1 inchs wide, have 294 carbide pins, an excellent knobby pattern for our crunchy winter snow (as pictured on the lower tire, above), and a supple, grippy compound. They don't come cheap, at $200 a piece, but if aggressive winter riding is your thing they're worth every penny.  990 grams per tire.

While we're at it we also have Schwalbe Ice Spiker's in stock (the top tire pictured above).  They have a similar tread pattern to the Nokians but are for 26 inch wheels.  They're also 2.1 inches wide. 304 Carbide studs and 980 grams.  $127 each.

Of course we have less expensive studded tires in stock too, so no matter your budget or application we should have you covered.  For total convenience we also sell relatively inexpensive wheelsets that you can equip with studded tires so on icy days you can simply swap out your wheels and head out.  Whatever you require come check 'em out before winter sets in!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Electra Catalogues

The 2012 Electra catalogues are here!  Electra tends to change up the paint and graphics on most of their models annually so every year they look a bit (or quite a bit) different. If you're dreaming about a new cruiser for the new year come and grab a catalogue from us today, or check out the great prices we have on remaining 2011 models in stock. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kinetic Stationary Trainers

We have our stationary bike trainers on display and ready for testing. If you're more of a warm weather kind of rider and the colder temps are pushing you inside they're worth checking out. We're not saying your ride will suddenly become as dramatic as the video below, but hey, it's still exercise, and you're still on your bike.

Reel Rock Repeat Performance

We just got word that the 2011 Reel Rock film is returning to Winnipeg tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 25). Click here for info; check out the trailer below.  No, it's not cycling, but it's still cool, and we assume some of our customers occasionally climb off their saddles and do other things to enjoy life and the great outdoors - nothing wrong with that!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mountain Hardwear Stuff

Brrr, it's cold out there this morning.  Time to come to the shop, pick up some Mountain Hardwear cold weather clothing, and then get back outside!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Marin Team CXR 29er

Another bad pic (time to upgrade the smart phone) but another great bike to be featured: The Marin Team CXR 29er.  It's got a mix of Sram X9 and X0, Fox 32 F29 RL, 100mm travel with Rebound Adjustment, Lockout, and Air Spring Preload, Elixer CR dics, and much more, but the biggest single feature may be the full carbon frame.

All this good stuff doesn't come cheap, but the retail price of $4250 is one of the best price points we've seen for a full carbon 29er, and we've sweetened the deal a bit more by offering the bike at a sale price of just $3570.  A pro team ride for a budget team price.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A word about FAT tires

We know we've been posting quite a bit about fat tire bikes recently, but we've been building a lot of them up (relatively speaking at least) for customers in preparation for winter and it's what's on our minds, so here's some more info:

Actually, this is in response to some questions we've been getting about the brand new Big Fat Larry 4.7" tire. Specifically, will it work in a Puglsey or a Mukluk, which until now our customers have been using with the under 4" wide Larry and Endomorphe tires.

Here's what we know so far

Fatties Flip Fine

While doing a bit of online research for a posting on fat tire bike width compatibilities (hopefully to post tomorrow) we came across this fun, short video clip from Surly.  It's not what we typically do with the Pugsley, but hey, it's interesting, and impressive...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Fat Larry's

With our apologies to all the Larry's out there (we don't know why Surly makes that name association) welcome to the fattest thing in cycling - the brand new Big Fat Larry tires.  They measure a whopping 4.7" width on 100mm rims, which makes them the widest tires for a 'conventional' bicycle that we're aware of.

Although they were designed specifically for the upcoming Moonlander frameset, they will also fit in the frames and forks of the Pugsley and Mukluk.  However, you'll have to space your crankset further outboard, or get a different fatbike specific crankset, and/or put up with some chain rub (ie. lose a few gears) to accomodate the wider rubber if you're not using the Moonlander frame.

We haven't tested these tires on the 65mm Large Marge rims yet but are told that they will work, though that combination won't produce quite as large an overall tire width, which we assume means less chain rub issue in, for instance, a Pugsley frame.  We're going to try to test this out as soon as possible and post the results here.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surly Rim Stips

It's not the most glamorous product we have in the shop (though it's very nicely packaged) and doesn't really warrant a long technical review, but if you're riding or building up a 'fatbike' like a Pugsley, Mukluk, or the upcoming Moonlander you need some super wide rim tape, like the stuff pictured above from Surly.  There are two types and a few widths for 65mm thru to 100mm rims, and there are also a few colours.  We have some stuff in stock, and other varieties we can easily order for you. $6 gets you the ones you want (per wheel).  That's 'bout it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marin Toscana CX bike

Yeah, we know, the picture posted above isn't the best we've ever taken, but the bike itself is pretty good.  In fact it's a great deal for the dollar.  If you're looking to upgrade to a full bore cyclocross rig with a few races left this season, or if you want a very capable commuter and fitness bike, check out this year end special on a 2011 Marin Toscana.

With Sora/Tiagra components it's a really good deal at the regular price of $1330, but it's a great deal for the sale price of just $1130.

Marin Pine Mountain 29er

We were placing some 2012 bike orders recently and as is our habit we found some good deals on year end closeouts, like the 2011 Marin Pine Mountain 29er pictured above.  If you want to enter the 29er world without remortgaging the house but still want a great mix of components check out this X7/X9 equipped bike with Elixer 3 hydraulic discs, Recon fork with rebound adjustment and lockout, and much more. 

2nd best of all is the price, regularly $1800 but on sale for just $1530.  Best of all?...seeing neon decals make a comeback.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Original Buff

Ever thought those scarves you see on Survivor would come in handy?  They'd help with sweat in the summer and wind chill in the winter.  If you're follicley challenged they'd help with sunburns, and if your follicles produce in abundance you can use them to keep the hair out of your face.  Well your thoughts can now be a reality because we have the Original Buff in stock now.

We have many fabric patterns to choose from, and more coming soon, and they're just $24 each.  Check them out today.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cdale Comfort and Adventure frame blowout

Here's an interesting deal:  The story is that Cannondale had some extra 'warranty' Comfort and Adventure model hybrid bike frames kicking around because fewer warranty claims were made than anticipated (that's probably a good thing) so they offered us the frames at a blowout rate, and we're passing the deal on to you by selling them for just $100 per frame.

That means if you have some parts kicking around your basement or garage that are looking for a frame, or want to build up a custom hybrid by hand-selecting parts from the shop, you can start with a great frame deal.

We have Comforts in s, m, l, and xl, and we have the Adventures in m and l.  The Comforts fit 26 inch wheels, while the Adventures are for 700c's.  Both frames are rim brake only and have standard 1 1/8th inch headtubes.  Come and check them out in person if you want more details, and start digging through those Rubbermaid bins at home to see what parts you have just waiting to be built up.