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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Youth Snowshoes

As you may already know, we started carrying the excellent RedFeather brand of snowshoes a couple of years ago, and they've been selling fast ever since.  They're well made, lightweight, very durable, and maybe best of all their various binding systems are all very easy to get in and out of (which you learn quickly to appreciate on cold days).

These snowshoes come in a variety of styles to suit the type of snowshoeing you're planning to do (urban fitness walking, backcountry exploration, competitive running, etc.) and they also come as a Youth model, pictured above.  For just $100 (plus taxes of course) your son, daughter, nephew, niece, or the kid down the street can share in the fun.  The bindings on these shoes are especially easy for kids to get into and out of, they'e lightweight, and the decking is virtually indestructible and stays supple even in our coldest conditions (well, maybe not 'supple', but they don't get hard and crack).

Check 'em out before the snow flies again.