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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Seeing as it's not really getting much colder out there right now (though we're sure it will come sometime), and we have precious little snow, it's probably worth noting that we have a good supply of klister in stock.

As you might know, when the ice crystals that form snow aren't very hard (for lack of a more technical term) conventional grip wax doesn't always do a great job of grabbing hold of the crystals, which results in you slipping instead of pushing yourself forward on your skis.  Klister is designed to be grippier in these conditions (again, without getting too technical) and allows you to keep skiing even when it's unseasonably warm, assuming there's at least a little snow on the ground.

Applying klister requires a different technique than applying regular grip wax, and we might post a word about that down the road.  For now if you're unfamiliar with how to apply the klister yourself ask one of us to prep your skis for your and we'll be happy to help and get you out on the trails.