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Thursday, December 15, 2011

GoPro Hero2's are here!

There's a pretty good chance that after watching this video you're gonna want to buy a GoPro Hero2 camera.  Good for you we now have them in stock for $350.  The video clarity really is as good as you see in the clips above (be sure to view in 1080p) - your illustrious webguy already has a Hero2 and can attest to the quality 1st hand.

Of course the action you shoot is up to you, so get a camera, mount it to your bike (or helmet, or boat, or parachute, or whatever) and get out there!

Please note that the camera requires an SD card, not included, but everything else is provided to get you out the door and filming right away.  Oh, it's worth noting that video editing software is also not provided, but many computers come with competent video editing packages built in, and if you don't have anything you can buy some decent software for $50 - $100.  We've used Pinnacle for PC (starts at just $50 for the basic edition) and iMovie for Mac (comes free with newer Mac's) and found both to have ample features and be pretty intuitive to use.  You can of course purchase more upscale "pro" software for more bucks to get all the features.

What's the difference between the Hero2 and the Hero that we previously stocked?  The biggest differences in our opinion are:

1) You can now shoot video in super wide angle (170 degrees) in 1080p (formerly you could only shoot 170 degrees in 720p).

2) You can take up to 10 photos in 1 second, and in up to 11 MP (formerly you could shoot a max of 3 photos per second in up to 5 MP)

3) Better low light image quality (e.g. shooting indoors or inside looking out)

4) GoPro is soon to release a wireless remote control and an add-on that will enable live, wireless video streaming via WiFi thru your smartphone to, well, to wherever you want!  That's right, you can be swimming with the dolphins and your friends can jealously watch you from their office cubicles (assuming the dolphins are swimming near cellular service).

There are a few other differences between the last generation and this one but we think these are the big ones.  For all the info on specs, accessories, and lots of cool videos go to GoPro's site.  Or skip that and just come to the shop and grab the hardware for yourself!