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Friday, December 2, 2011

CycleOps for the home or office gym

Most folks know that we have a good stock of stationary trainers for your outdoor bike so that you can keep riding inside when the weather isn't to your liking, but did you know that we can also special order high end 'spin class' style stationary bikes? 

A few years ago we featured the highest end CycleOps indoor trainer, but it's worth pointing out that CycleOps has four trainer models that come with different levels of electronics, so if you're looking for something more basic, but still of the highest quality, we can get that for you too. 

Please also think of us if your workplace, education centre, or elsewhere is looking for bike equipment for their onsite fitness facility. Pictured above are a couple of CycleOps trainers that we just installed for a local business who provides a workout space and equipment for their workers. Though we don't usually have these items in stock we can get then in quickly.