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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Boot Buddy

Looking for a very last minute stocking stuffer for a skier?  We have the answer - the Boot Buddy!  Corny name aside if you or someone you know has boots that are compatible with pilot bindings these little guys are a great little purchase.

The boots we sell are great on the trails once you're clipped into the skis, but when you walk in them from the car to the trail you're bound to scrape the toes along the grit and grim that's ever present on Winnipeg winter streets, and that erodes the plastic on the front of the boot right where one of the two bindings on a pilot system is located.  With excessive scraping that pin is actually in danger of getting loose, and the whole boot is pretty much rendered useless then.

The Boot Buddy simply snaps into place under and in front of your two pins, protecting them from your dragging feat and providing you with more traction in the process.

They're just $15 a pair and come in a variety of colours, if it makes a difference.  Regardless of colour these things do what they were meant to do, and are a simple solution to what could turn out to be a costly problem.