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Monday, November 28, 2011

Plexi Scraper Sharpener

While this is a great little product there really isn't much to say here - the name covers pretty much all of it. If you're constantly frustrated with a dull plexiglass scraper while trying to get wax off your skis this sharpener is indispensable. It does what it says and keeps your scraper nice and sharp, paying for itself in no time because your don't have to keep reinvesting in brand new scrapers. 

That's about it. We tried looking at the manufacturer's site to see if there was anything we might have missed (was the sharpener made from recycled Lego pieces, or could its blade be compares favorably against a Gillette Mach IX?) but we found nothing. Actually it's frustrating to even google Swix - the search engine insists you have clumsy fingers and really are trying to plan your next vacation at Six Flags. 

At any rate, we have these in now so get one now and save yourself a winter's worth of frustration.