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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Accelerade Sports Drink

We typically write our own reviews on this site, but sometimes the manufacturer's site says it best, so below we've pasted the official promotional blurb for Accelerade sports drink.  We will however add that the stuff tastes good, though you may want to mix it a little more dilute than the packaging recommends.  We find doing so allows us to drink more of the stuff overall.

We have a couple flavours of Accelerade in stock now, for $45 per 2 pound jar (30 servings, $1.50 per serving).

"When introduced in 2003, Accelerade, with its patented 4:1 ratio of carb to protein, represented a dramatic departure from conventional carb-only sports drinks. Accelerade also demolished the conventional dogma regarding the importance of protein to help fuel muscle cells and improve rehydration, the two essential criteria for a sports drink. Study after study has confirmed the superiority of protein-powered Accelerade in terms of increase endurance, reduction in muscle damage and more effective hydration."