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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Electra Hula 3i

The new Electra's keep arriving, like this gorgeous Hula 3i. This cruiser sports the same geometry with 'Flat Foot Technology', and the same internal 3 speed hub, as featured here recently on other Electra cruisers, but the aesthetics were so different that we wanted to post of picture of this model too.

The original Hula graphics spread from the frame to the chain guard to the saddle, and even to the matching bell. It's a bit funky, but the main colour scheme is still sort of subdued so you can exercise a bit of your wild side cruising around town on this bike while still remaining true to your conservative self.

If you'd like something with a little more, or a little less, flair we've got a few different Electra cruisers models in stock. Price varies a bit between models; this one is $670.