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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Product Review: GoPro Hero HD helmet cam

A year or so ago we featured the GoPro Hero Helmet Cam on this site. Its very compact size, extreme ease of use, excellent image clarity, waterproofness, and more made it an instant favourite. We also loved that it came with a few different mounting adapters so we could easily mount it on our bikes, our helmets, and more. How could GoPro possibly improve this little camera?

Well, they could make one that records in HD...introducing the GoPro Hero HD helmet cam! For a very reasonable $360 you can take video like the one below (well, assuming you have a pump park and top class trials riders in your back yard). We have one of these in stock right now, so feel free to come check it out, or to check out more video taken on the GoPro helmet click here.