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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bike Feature: Niner Eat My Dust

Well isn't that pretty (the bike that is; you can decide what to think of Liam on your own).

We finally have a few Niner frames in stock. The one pictured here, called E.M.D. (Eat My Dust) was brought in specifically by shop mechanic Liam as his personal ride, and it looks great.

Even though this is the least expensive frame available from Niner we immediately noticed attention to detail like the gorgeous paint job (you need to see it in person to really appreciate it) the perfectly reemed bottom bracket and head tube, the really nice looking welds, and the stainless steel headbadge that is cnc'd beautifully. The cost is kept down by using the less exotic 7005 series aluminum but this is an undeniably first class 29er frame.

In the coming days we'll review one or two of the Niner frames we have in stock but for today we wanted to feature Liam's new toy - and remember, you can always order one for yourself. The frame is $500 (the fork is ordered separately).

For a little more info check out the video from Niner, below: