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Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Stinger Protein Bars - Gluten Free

New to our shop, we now stock Honey Stinger products. The Honey Stinger folks say that their stuff is 'inspired by Lance Armstrong', and while we have absolutely know idea what that means (other than that we assume Lance is collecting at least one penny per sale) it might imply that it's a healthier alternative than a product inspired by, say, Charlie Sheen.

Regardless, we can report that the Honey Stinger Protein Bars are among the best tasting bars we've ever consumed, and they go down very easily. What's more though, the protein bars are sweetened with organic honey and whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is easier for your body to process compared to other protein sources, and it's also GLUTEN FREE.

More and more folks are discovering they have an intolerance to gluten and must adjust their diets accordingly, so this is a much welcomed product for them. We've already sold many bars to folks looking for some gluten free nourishment, and all of them have been happy to report that by buying Honey Stinger Protein Bars they're not sacrificing on taste either.

We've got plenty of flavours in stock for you to try out now, whether you're gluten intolerant or not.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Linus Roadster Classic

We've got some Linus bikes in stock! Linus is a relatively new bike label, and they're fashioning their simple offerings after French designs from the 50's and 60's. If you want to keep it simple and look a little Parisian the Linus Roadster might be the bike for you.

With a steel frame, single speed, pulled back and upright bars, this bike is made to get you from A to B economically and efficiently, and it's a super deal at just $470.

We have a couple of other Linus models that we'll also feature in the days to come, but if you want to check them out right away come down to the shop and see them in person.

Electra Hula 3i

The new Electra's keep arriving, like this gorgeous Hula 3i. This cruiser sports the same geometry with 'Flat Foot Technology', and the same internal 3 speed hub, as featured here recently on other Electra cruisers, but the aesthetics were so different that we wanted to post of picture of this model too.

The original Hula graphics spread from the frame to the chain guard to the saddle, and even to the matching bell. It's a bit funky, but the main colour scheme is still sort of subdued so you can exercise a bit of your wild side cruising around town on this bike while still remaining true to your conservative self.

If you'd like something with a little more, or a little less, flair we've got a few different Electra cruisers models in stock. Price varies a bit between models; this one is $670.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedal

If you're looking to buy a nicer road specific clipless pedal than any of your friends own the Look Keo Blade is a good choice. Getting it with the titanium axle option is an even better choice.

Despite its nice, wide platform (often coveted by long distance road riders looking to avoid hot spots and to maximize power transfer) the titanium Keo Blade weighs in at an extremely svelte 95 grams! This light weight is achievable largely because the Blade forgoes the traditional spring assembly in favour of a single, small 'blade' of carbon that compresses when you clip into the pedal (pictured above at the bottom of the pedal assembly).

To be completely truthful we haven't tested out the engagement ourselves. We ordered this pedal set in for a customer and didn't dare scuff it up, but we're reading great reviews. As for price, if you have to ask ...:)

Here's a video that allows you to see the pedal in action...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What makes a bicycle balance?

Well this is interesting (if you can stay awake thu the video). We kind of always thought it was the gyroscopic motion of the wheels that kept a bike in balance too, but maybe there's more to it...

Actually, we're reminded that in order to dive quickly into a corner while cycling you're supposed to counter steer (in the direction opposite to where you actually want to turn) in order to shorten the wheel base of the bike and allow it to tip over. This video seems to be getting at the opposite effect of naturally steering into the direction of the turn and as a result keeping the bike upright. It's interesting to see it happen all on its own though.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lezyne Energy Caddy

As spring finally appears to be approaching (maybe) you'll likely find yourself out on longer rides, and that means you need to refuel. We've all stuffed our jersey pockets full of protein bars and jelly beans before, but sometimes we run out of room or just think to ourselves that there's got to be an easier, more accessible place to store our edibles.

Well there is. For a few years now there have been a couple of manufacturers out there making little storage compartments for the top tube of your bike, but the idea has recently caught on to a broader audience and now there are many options out there. The Lyzene Energy Caddy is one of them.

For just $16 this simple little device allows you to keep a few of your favourite foods (well, as far as energy supplements go) right where you can see them. The Caddy Velcro's on and off from your top tube and spacers under yor headset in seconds. It's a simple little improvement that can make a big difference, and be a lot safer on the road.

Surly Cogs

Are you looking for a spin on or slotted cog for your single speed or fixie? Well, we've got plenty in stock. We have a few sets with different cog sizes available, but we also have plenty of single cogs available from Surly, in a number of sizes. Of course we also have the requisite lock rings in stock if you're riding a fixie.

We especially like the nice wide base that Surly provides on their slotted cogs, so your freehub body doesn't get torn to pieces. And the price, at around $30 a piece, doesn't hurt either.

GoPro LCD BacPac

A couple of days a go we reminded all of our website visitors that we have GoPro HD cameras in stock, but now we're happy to report that we also have the previously unavailable in Canada LCD BacPac that allows you to view what you're shooting while you're shooting it (and play it back to check out what you've shot before you get back to your computer for editing).

Essentially it makes the GoPro into an almost fully functioning flash camcorder, but in an unbeatable compact size for active recording, and with an almost unlimited number of mounting options. Pretty cool.

OCC Monday Club Rides

We just received the above poster from our friends at the Olympia Cycling Club. Check out their blog for updates in the days to come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Pro in HD

We've mentioned this before but you may notice that the sign outside of our shop is currently advertising GoPro HD cameras. We have them in stock now, and to entice you a bit further we've embedded some mountain bike footage from the GoPro site below (or watch in HD here).

Further down we've also embedded a video recently shot by your very own Olympia web editor. The riding itself isn't terribly exciting, but watch here in HD to get a great sense of the image quality. These cameras really are all they're billed to be.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bontrager XXX Lite 29er Carbon Wheelset

We don't usually do this, but the overview of the Bontrager XXX Lite 29er wheelset as written on their official website is so spot on and concise that we're going to simply cut and paste it below. We will however add that the wheels weigh just 694 and 818 grams, and that they look even nicer in person. Honestly, we don't think we've seen a nicer looking wheelset ever. For goodness sake, they have carbon rims, red nipples, and white spokes. Nuf said. Oh, except to say that they cost $2800 for the pair. Hey, they're the best.

The official word: Bontrager's lightest, high-performance cross country wheelset, the Tubeless Ready XXX Disc features exceptionally strong, extremely lightweight High Compression Molded carbon rims mated to smooth-rolling, high-quality sealed-bearing hubs. Compatible with both Center Lock and 6-bolt rotors (with adapter--not included), the tool-free, Bontrager-engineered hubset features a 3-pawl ratchet freehub that improves stiffness, reduces torsion, and simplifies maintenance. Tubeless rims strips and valve cores included; just add Super Juice and Tubeless Ready tires.

Gary Fisher Utopia

How to describe the Gary Fisher Utopia? It's officially categorized as a 'dual sport' bike, and frankly that might sum it up well. The frame is built sort of like a cyclocross bike, veering slightly to a mountain bike design.

Actually, it might be more like a mountain bike frame design, and the front suspension and flat bar definitely says mountain bike, but the less than 80mm of travel (63mm to be exact) and the skinny, 700c tires (38mm to be exact) suggest it's more of a commuter. So essentially it's a really fast bike that's very comfortable on the road but can take some abuse and handle well on all but the worst single track. Maybe that's more than 'dual' sport, but you get the idea.

What's best of all is that it's selling for just $830. Not bad for a bike that can get you most places quickly. The Utopia has a mix of Alivio components and some house brand bikes (bar, stem, post, etc.), along with some mechanical disc brakes, all built around a relatively light weight aluminum frame. Nothing that will light the world on fire, but very good for the price and stuff you should feel good riding. Head on down to Olympia to check it could feel good today.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Electra Fashion Butterfly 3i

As we continue to sell out of last year's Electra cruiser models new 2011 models are being put out on the floor, like this Fashion Butterfly 3i, selling for $670.

The current Electra slogan is "The Official Bike of Nothing Official" and we think that's a pretty good description of this bike. Sometimes it's fun to pretend we're pro racers, sometimes we enjoy amateur competition, training, and going out for hard rides. Sometimes we like a purpose-built commuter to get us to work or school on time. But other times it's nice to not really care a great deal where we're going or how we're getting there - kinda like when we were kids just riding for the sake of riding. Nothing official. Just having fun.

That's not to say we didn't always want to sorta look cool (maybe more so when we were kids), so while the Fashion Butterfly 3i is nothing official, it is officially cool, with a saddle, grips, fenders, and even rims that are painted in detail to match the superb frame design detail. With "Flat Foot Technology", Electra's tongue in cheek way of saying your feet can always touch the ground yet you can properly stretched out when pedaling, you're always confident as you cruise.

A 3 speed internal hub means you have just enough gear assistance for those massive hill climbs here in Winnipeg but don't have to worry about drive train maintenance. Electra changes most of their model aesthetics year to year, so if you haven't seen some of the new designs come into the shop and check them out today.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Argus is Exhausted

Even Argus the Shop Dog is exhausted due to all the new stuff arriving daily. Seriously, we have a ridiculous amount of bikes filling the back of the shop and the storage pace and we're building them up as quickly as we can - come see 2011 bikes from Giant, Marin, Electra, Cannondale, Trek, Niner, and more.

Spring Sale 2011 Update

As 2011 bikes continue to arrive faster than we can build them up and get them on the floor we have great specials on remaining 2010 and earlier models, and even some amazing deals on a 2011's that we brought in at a special price. We're talking road and 'cross bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, and more. Check out some of the discounted tags below (click on image to enlarge), and remember, when they're gone, they're gone. Limited sizing available - call 888.4586 or visit us for details.

Giant TCX 1

Giant has been building great value cyclocross bikes for a few years now, and it seems that every year their TCX series gets more and more attractive. For 2011 their TCX 1 comes with a full Sram Rival component group, mated with some Giant house brand bits (stem, post, bars, rims, etc.) to keep the cost down. What you end up with is excellent value.

What's more, the bike looks nice. Little touches like white brake hoods and cable housing go a long way to making a 'value' pick look like a boutique bike.

If you're looking to commute thru the local concrete jungle, if you want an all purpose fitness bike, or if you'd like to take up cyclocross racing, the TCX 1 is an entry point that will keep you satisfied for many years.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2010 Electra Townie 3i on sale

There's no better sign of spring than dusting off the cruiser and taking a casual ride to the nearest ice cream shop. Well, maybe there's one thing better...rolling out your new cruiser.

We have some 2010 cruisers reduced to sell, like this Electra Townie 3i (that means it has an internally geared 3 speed hub) for just $585. Check it, and the others we've got in stock, out today.

Spring Deals

We have lots of Spring Deals waiting for you!

Take advantage of many reduced prices on 2010 and earlier bikes and other gear as we do our own version of spring cleaning and make room for the 2011's that are arriving daily.

With the weather finally looking like we've put winter behind us come and celebrate the change of season by checking out 2010 models while supplies last - once they're gone, they're gone.

2010 road, cyclocross, rigid, hardtail, and dual suspension mountain bikes, cruisers, and more are on sale now!